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About jason Dvorin

Jason Dvorin is a proud native Texan with a strong sense of American Patriotism and a desire to work toward global good. He holds an America First philosophy and works hard to provide a good life for his family. After all, easy salesmen have skinny kids! 

A skilled, experienced businessman who has decades of experience working in the oil and gas industry and has recently moved into the aerospace industry, Jason defines himself as a professional as an oil and gas guy that went from the ground game to the air game. Always one for a challenge, Jason likes to live by the mentality that if you aim for the heavens, you’ll hit the stars; if you aim for the stars, you’ll hit the moon, but if you aim for the moon, you’ll only hit the clouds, so always aim high! 

Born into a family of entrepreneurs and the son of an oil and gas industry executive, Jason Dvorin got his start in the industry when he was just nine years old. He spent his summer vacation traveling with his dad to make his trips and go out in the field with him, and that’s how he spent every summer for most of his youth. He continued to learn from and travel with his father during the summer while he was in high school and continued the tradition into college, as well. 

While building his professional skill set and exercising his business acumen, Jason Dvorin also gained experience working in logistics, drilling operations, land surveying, finance, business development, chemical engineering, and business operations, just to name a few. He has always been someone who takes action and believes in the mentality that “one cannot wait around for something to die; you must go out and kill it!”

In 2018, Jason stepped into his current position when he decided to expand his career into the oil and gas industry after collaborating with a friend who owned a mining operation in South America. This intersection – mixed with Jason’s background in chemical engineering, petroleum, and oil and gas – helped Jason step into his current role as the Managing Director of KSV, overseeing business development. In this role, Jason has developed further experience in supersonic aviation, aerospace, hypersonic aviation, energy development strategies, and new technologies and gained a deeper appreciation for the industry. 

Gain more entrepreneurial insights from a skilled and successful businessman by visiting Jason’s blog page for the latest updates about the world of business! 

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