The business world has changed drastically in the past two years, but we can still keep up with the latest business trends in 2022. Here are a few trends that you can expect to see this year.

The Shift Towards A.I.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced all the time, and there are now roles that can be delegated entirely to machines. Even tasks such as scheduling appointments and completing transactions over the phone can be completed by robots. There are still things that only a person can do though, and companies will need to find a balance between leaving tasks for A.I. and assigning them to human employees. It could all but eliminate certain jobs, but it will also make other jobs that much easier.

A Shifting Talent Pool

The last few years have brought a major shift in the overall talent pool for many industries. A large part of that is due to the pandemic, but many changes were being made before COVID practically shut down the world. The workforce is getting younger, many of them are gig workers who aren’t tied to one company, and many of them are used to working partially or completely from home. Many employers have already made the shift to accommodate this new talent pool, but there are still others who need to accept that this could become the new normal.

More Flexible Organizations

Large companies have traditionally had a hierarchical structure, with managers being at or near the top and employees that were around for years. Thanks to the shifting talent pool discussed above, that isn’t the case anymore. Gig workers come and go, and remote workers rarely interact with their managers or coworkers in person. Businesses have to react quickly to reorganize in the face of change, even when they’re stable or growing.


Today’s consumers expect brands to be more authentic than ever before. This is largely due to social media and the fact that people are connected with each other at all times. They form more of a connection with their favorite brands, and they expect businesses to go the extra mile to interact with them. As a business leader, you’re expected to be more transparent, honest, and friendly with clients and potential clients as you interact with them.