When asked what they want to be when they grow up, no child is going to answer with, “I want to sell gas and oil when I’m older!” This odd statement might make sense if a child’s parent occupies a role in this field, but it would be quite a rare exclamation if it has ever been spoken by someone that young.

However, as one grows older and has their eyes set on profitable business opportunities, the gas and oil industry might sound appealing to them. Despite your level of experience with the field, there are some crafty ways to break into this business and begin a promising career.

Gain Certification

For entry-level positions in this industry, no formal degree is required. However, if you wish to gain promotion opportunities or have a leg up on others competing for the job, pursuing some certification would not be a far-out idea. STEM subjects will come in handy, with more targeted learning in the areas of physics, geology and engineering (chemical, petroleum, etc.). However, there are also specific training programs for oil rigging that will serve you well in trying to break into the industry.

Gaining a formal degree is a strategic way to prepare yourself to enter into the business side of gas and oil rather than doing manual labor. If you wish to work your way up the ladder, a college education will help you stand out.

Build Up Internships

Entering into a training program might put you in contact with the correct industry professionals who can set you up with an internship or job. Building up your resume with internships or apprenticeship programs will put you in direct contact with individuals who can help you climb the ladder. As this industry is constantly looking to fill roles, you most likely won’t have much trouble finding a company ready to welcome you to the team. As you desire to climb the corporate ladder, however, you might find it to be a more competitive environment. The more diversified skills and proven experience that you can show on your resume, the better your chances are of securing a job.

Learn the Business Models

If you wish to skip the steps of gaining an entry-level position and instead dive headfirst into the business side of gas and oil, you’ll need to do some industry research and networking, apply for bank loans and secure crowdfunding, partner with Angel investors, invest in top-notch equipment and devise a strategic business plan that will help you succeed.