It is very important for entrepreneurs to surround themselves with the right people as they go forward in their business journey. Business owners should take the time to invest in choosing good employees who are talented and dedicated to the company. Another benefit of taking the time to invest in the right employees is that those employees can increase productivity, bring new ideas to the business, ensure less turnover, and become future leaders who are enthusiastic. 

Studies show that companies with a more nurturing workplace with team engagement have better success in business than companies that don’t have a good workplace. Studies also show that millennials desire more mentorship while at work, and employees are more likely to continue working for companies that offer mentorship programs.3 Research shows that the young people of Gen Z, the generation after millennials, would like there to be more mentoring face-to-face time and good communication in the workplace.

Being a mentor to others sets an important example for the mentee and their future in business. Business leaders should recognize that they were probably never alone in their own success; it is likely they had leaders showing them the way to being creative, pushing boundaries, and having the right work standards. For that reason, it is important for entrepreneurs to hire selectively and find employees who share their vision so that they will want to work in an environment with mentorship and training. A business can only reach its full potential when it is willing to groom the talent that is helping to make that business a success.

Business owners should also realize the value of happy employees that are willing to stick around because they are happy, loyal, and committed to the company. Committed employees mean more success for the business, and the way to ensure employees are committed is for entrepreneurs to create a workplace community that is inclusive with mentoring opportunities and encouragement for employees who do more. Business owners should also invest in female entrepreneurs for greater success and versatility, keep the communication and connection flowing for those in the younger generations, pay it forward by supplying younger employees with the knowledge, and keep the company growing with strong mentorship programs.